IT Maintenance

Our cost-effective server and storage maintenance solutions are designed to suit the needs of your business. MVSS offers rapid response times for improved service levels, increased savings and reduced waste. Customised solutions are designed to protect your valuable IT assets.

We are skilled. We are reliable. We are quick.

Our expert staff service your calls 24/7. Our incident management systems treat each call individually, allowing any one of our trained staff to see the latest updates related to your incident. Assistance is fast, as is recovery.

We also ensure extensively compliance tested parts are readily available for your needs.

Remember, we will always work with you to maximise your savings and make your business more efficient.

For even greater value, MVSS recommends combining this service with our education and training packages

Talk to us today about the best solution for your business.

Field Services

Our extensive range of field support and project management services are all about efficiency, value and reliability.

MVSS gives your business a real opportunity to deliver non-core duties in ways tailored to be most effective.

    We repair equipment.
    We install equipment.
    We manage roll-out projects, including:
       SOE installations and upgrades, and
       ICT Equipment.
    Equipment relocations
    Call centre services
    Parts supply
    Site audits
    Cabling and electrical services
    All of the above.

We will even represent you on site at business premises you might have found expensive or difficult to support.

We have an expert team with years of experience, able to offer you cost-effective ways to overcome the complexity associated with managing multi-vendor IT environments. We customise every solution for your business to ensure long-term results for your bottom line.

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Education & Training

It is not easy to reduce costs and save time. It is not easy to take control. It is not easy to deliver high-quality, business-enhancing education and training.

But our unique packages can take away the difficulty.

Like all our services, our education and training solutions are made to suit the requirements of you, your staff, and your business. We can offer customised video training, or instructor-led training with subscription-based course-ware.

Our complete e-Learning Modular Training System (eLMo) provides full technical training, giving staff the confidence to perform maintenance services on a variety of platforms. eLMo is geared towards giving you a better qualified, more proficient, and more productive work force.

This MVSS Hybrid Technical Training Method is a combination of both instructor-led and e-learning training. We have fine-tuned this particular solution to vastly improve cost and efficiency, with courses based directly on field requirements, and boasting a flexible subscription and reduced delivery time.

MVSS is all about making things easier for you. Even better: our multi-vendor hardware maintenance education services provide you the chance to take full advantage of our self-maintenance offerings- for considerable long-term savings. Contact us today about the best education and training solution for your business.


MVSS is geared towards helping your business every step of the way. We are a professional, reliable business, eager to sit with you and explain exactly how we can best help you achieve your business goals.

If you are worried about supporting, upgrading, replacing, or selling your server/storage infra-structure in the Wintel, Intel, or other Unix platforms, our pre-sales engineers can examine and present for your consideration alternate strategies.

We will supply you with a range of resources throughout the review process to assist you in securing, business and refining your market approach.

If your core business is Intel-based, servicing your clients UNIX requirements can often help position you as a preferred service provider. In fact, having the extended capabilities to manage the UNIX environment enables you to respond to the larger opportunities and beat your competitors.

Contact us today to discuss how we can best support you.